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18 octubre, 2006

Opera per tutti

Grabaciones y guías gratis, de la Universidad de Stanford


OperaGlass: Opera for Everyone

9 octubre, 2006

La navidad del Hombre Nuclear


Scar Stuff: Six Million Dollar Man “4 Exciting Christmas Adventures” (PR-8208, 1978)

29 septiembre, 2006

Piano Gratis

Concert pianist Mei-Ting Sun offers several classical works on his web site.

Free Albums Galore :: Mei-Ting Sun – several works :: February :: 2006

27 septiembre, 2006

Negocios con la música

The project “MusicLessons” published a report outlining interesting insight into how new business models for distributing music are emerging.

OpenBusiness » Blog Archive » New and Embryonic Business Models for Music

27 septiembre, 2006

El libro que leían Bach y Beethoven


Kircher Musurgia Universalis

25 septiembre, 2006

Animación independiente gratarola


Channel Frederator

25 septiembre, 2006

El sonido que nunca se acaba

Why does the drone have such enduring appeal? “Its music and sound environment is very minimal and pure, devoid of fashions or trends like glitch,” says Blades. Another factor is its vast spectrum of stylistic possibilities, that it can simultaneously accommodate the unearthly, funereal epics of Deathprod’s Morals and Dogma and the stately beauty of Jóhann Jóhannsson’s Virðulegu forsetar. Maybe its longevity is rooted in something more primal: Denardo says that the most inescapable drones (and those which keep us from any true silence) are the low pulses of our circulatory systems and the high hums of our nervous systems.

INDUSTRIAL::MUSIC::LIBRARY: DRONES- from Stockhausen to La Monte Young to Nurse With Wound…

8 septiembre, 2006

Animación con gatos


Bibi’s box: Riba

7 septiembre, 2006

zo’loka? trio – el disco!!!

zo’loka? trío


7 septiembre, 2006

Mucho Jazz


Free Albums Galore :: Steve Coleman – several albums :: February :: 2006

He is the most influential jazz musician to release his material on the internet and he does it with style.