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5 octubre, 2006

Tycho Brahe


BibliOdyssey: Tycho Mechanica

27 septiembre, 2006

La sociedad de Athanasious Kircher


Proceedings of the Athanasius Kircher Society

25 septiembre, 2006

Botánicos desconocidos


Botanicorum Summa

25 septiembre, 2006

Atlas Coelestis


BibliOdyssey: Notable Phenomena

15 septiembre, 2006

PlugIns para WP

For the most part, the plugins I recommend don’t require much more than downloading the plugin, uncompressing it into wp-content/plugins in your WordPress directory, and enabling it in the Plugin Management console.

NewsForge | Must-have WordPress plugins

8 septiembre, 2006

Weekend modelo 1700

Libro sobre recreación de 1696. Entre los entretenimientos, se mencionan en el subtítulo ‘Disciplina Militar’ y ‘La Ciencia de la Defensa’. Hay de todo, incluso esgrima, como se ve en el párrafo transcripto.


The School of Recreation by Robert Howlett

Lesson 14. Of the Flancanade.

To do this, when you have presented within your Adversaries Sword,
over-lap it with 12 Inches of yours, within eight of his, and give in
the Thrust on his Right-flank, on the other side of the Sword, and
beneath it your Nails side-ways, throwing forward your Left-hand and
turning the Palm from you to keep off Counter-temps in the Belly, and
in Thrusting let your Hilt be lower than the Point, which secures his
Sword; and note when you lap over to do it with the flat, and not with
the Edg as when you bind.

7 septiembre, 2006

The Chinese Connection


BibliOdyssey: Connecting with China

7 septiembre, 2006

Esbozos de personajes de la novela, la ficción y el teatro

Hermoso diccionario de personajes de la literatura, hasta 1892, fecha de su publicación. En varias entradas incluye deliciosas anécdotas, a veces de una sola línea o menos. Abajo, un ejemplo del tipo de entradas que contiene. Por ahora, lamentablemente, solo está disponible el Vol.1.


Character Sketches of Romance, Fiction and the Drama, Vol. 1 by Rev. E. Cobham Brewer, LL.D

BE’ATRICE (3 syl.), a child eight years old, to whom Dantê
at the age of nine was ardently attached. She was the daughter of Folco
Portina’ri, a rich citizen of Florence. Beatrice married Simoni de
Bardi, and died before she was twenty-four years old (1266-1290). Dantê
married Gemma Donati, and his marriage was a most unhappy one. His love
for Beatrice remained after her decease. She was the fountain of his
poetic inspiration, and in his Divina Commedia he makes her his guide through paradise.

Dantê’s Beatrice and Milton’s Eve Were not drawn from their spouses you conceive. Byron, Don Juan, iii. 10 (1820).

(Milton, who married Mary Powell, of Oxfordshire, was as unfortunate in his choice as Dantê.)

7 septiembre, 2006

Poemas de Swift


The Poems of Jonathan Swift, D.D., Volume 1 by Jonathan Swift

6 septiembre, 2006

Las colonias holandesas


BibliOdyssey: Dutch Colonial History