El sonido que nunca se acaba

Why does the drone have such enduring appeal? “Its music and sound environment is very minimal and pure, devoid of fashions or trends like glitch,” says Blades. Another factor is its vast spectrum of stylistic possibilities, that it can simultaneously accommodate the unearthly, funereal epics of Deathprod’s Morals and Dogma and the stately beauty of Jóhann Jóhannsson’s Virðulegu forsetar. Maybe its longevity is rooted in something more primal: Denardo says that the most inescapable drones (and those which keep us from any true silence) are the low pulses of our circulatory systems and the high hums of our nervous systems.

INDUSTRIAL::MUSIC::LIBRARY: DRONES- from Stockhausen to La Monte Young to Nurse With Wound…



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