La evolución del amor

Un libro de 1922 sobre lo que el autor llama “Erotismo Metafísico”. El término ‘evolución’ no solo se refiere a un aspecto histórico-antropológico, sino también al componente individual-psicológico. Atenti a la fecha, pleno auge del psicoanálisis


The Evolution of Love by Emil Lucka

The object of this book, which is addressed to all cultured men and
women, is to set forth the primitive manifestations of love and to
throw light on those strange emotional climaxes which I have called
“Metaphysical Eroticism.” I have taken no account of historical detail,
except where it served the purpose of proving, explaining and
illustrating my subject. Nor have I hesitated to intermingle
psychological motives and motives arising from the growth and spread of



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